JBP050 :Foundations of Databases


Voertaal Engels
Werkvorm: Lectures, group assignments, labs, instructions, coursera (Collegerooster)
Tentamenvorm: Written exam and practical assignments (Tentamenrooster)
Studielast:6 ECTS credits
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dr. G.J.Y.J. Monsieur

N.R. Claus MSc

Doel van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

This course will introduce the fundamentals of database systems. The main emphasis is on the relational algebra and model. Analysis, design and implementation of database systems are discussed in detail.

Inhoud van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

After successful conclusion of this course students will have a basic understanding of (unstructured) data, database management systems, and is able to understand and be apply to apply the following concepts and techniques:

  • Relational model/algebra
  • SQL
  • Triggers
  • Views

Bijzonderheden (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

The course will be based on a formal exam and practical assignments involving a real-world project submitted possibly by external organizations.

The courses from the Data Science and Entrepreneurship program require specific prior knowledge. It is only possible to participate in this course if approved by the admission committee and if you are enrolled for the program.

Please note that this course will be taught in Mariënburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (JADS).

Verplichte literatuur

  1. A blend of research articles, class notes, and material from reference books will be used in this course..

Mogelijk interessant voor

  • Pre-master Data Science and Entrepreneurship ( 2016, 2017 )