822037 :Data Journalism Practice (DJ) Conditional Admission


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Werkvorm: One-on-one meetings (Geen informatie over collegetijden bekend)
Tentamenvorm: Paper (Geen informatie over tentamendata bekend)
Studielast:6 ECTS credits
Inschrijving:Enrollment via Blackboard before start of lectures
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dr. R. van Enschot-van Dijk (Coordinator)

Doel van de cursus

During this course the student will conduct a real-life data journalistic research project in cooperation with an external media partner. In this traineeship setting, the student works together with a data journalist to do research and develop the final journalistic product (e.g., a short documentary). This data journalism practice will help the student to gain insights in the daily work field of a data journalist and will challenge the student to practice autonomous investigative journalism.
In this course, students develop the following professional competences :

  • Ability to select data from a broad range of data sources
  • Ability to analyze and abstract data from a scientific perspective
  • Ability to explore and detect abnormity in data
  • Familiarity with various data standards
  • Ability to visualize data from a journalistic perspective in graphics and text
  • Ability to transform data in a journalistic storyline
  • Ability to plan and organize innovative data projects


Inhoud van de cursus

During this course, the student will team up with a journalist whom the student has found personally. Together, they will work on a real-life data journalism project. In consultation with the student and the media company, the research takes place at the editorial department or somewhere else. The student will also be guided by a researcher of the university.

During this traineeship, the data journalism student will primarily work as an investigative journalist. The research will ideally lead to a journalistic publication. Depending on the practical skills of the student, the student will also be involved in writing the final journalistic article / designing an online publication or editing the news documentary (not obligatory).

The content of the traineeship is strictly personal; together with the academic as well as the journalistic supervisor, the student will determine the gradient of the course.


The student needs to deliver a report including a journalistic outcome, based on a data journalistic research. The student needs to write a personal evaluation. The student will be judged on the quality of the report (50 %) as well as on professional competences, including teamwork and autonomy (50 %).

Required prerequisites
This internship is for motivated data journalism students. Students need to have taken and passed:

•               Journalistic Data Mining (822034) or Journalistic Data Analysis (822042) or Data and (mis)information (880003)

•               and Precision journalism (822035) or Data Driven Design (880007)

Plus one of the following courses:

•               Digital Storytelling (822034) or Interactive Storytelling (822034)

•               or Interactive Visualization (840089)

•               or Probability, Information & Risk Communication (880087).

Please, contact Renske van Enschot (r.vanenschot@uvt.nl) in a very early stage!

Verplichte literatuur

  1. depending on journalistic research

Vereiste voorkennis

The course is only open for excellent data journalism students. A motivational letter is part of your application. Students need to have taken and passed Journalistic Data Mining (822034) or Journalistic Data Analysis (822042) and Precision journalism (822035) plus one of the following courses: Digital Storytelling (822034) or Interactive Visualization (840089). Please, contact Renske van Enschot (r.vanenschot@uvt.nl) in a very early stage!

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