880250 :Research Skills: Data Processing: Advanced


Voertaal Engels
Werkvorm: 7x4 hours lectures and practicals, see specifics (Geen informatie over collegetijden bekend)
Tentamenvorm: Assignments, see specifics (Geen informatie over tentamendata bekend)
Studielast:3 ECTS credits
Inschrijving:Inschrijven via COMAP. Enrolment from December 1 to December 20


dr. G.A. Chrupala

prof.dr.ir. P.H.M. Spronck

Doel van de cursus

The goal of this course is to teach the students development and communication skills for dealing with large software and information systems.

Inhoud van de cursus

The idea behind the course is that many of our students will, in their professional life, be part of teams that have to deal with the design, development, and use of large information systems. As such, while they probably do not need to be system designers and programmers themselves, they must be able to communicate with system designers and programmers, understand technical problems and obstacles, and provide solutions. The course therefore aims to provide the students with tools, techniques, and hands-on experience in the domain of large information systems. In particular, the course will to teach the students the following:
  • Modeling language that can be used to design and describe large information systems. This language will probably be UML.
  • Object-oriented programming techniques. This will be done using the Python language, and as such expands upon OZV Data Processing: Development.
  • Introductions to various advanced topics in computer science, which may include security, cryptography, search, and databases. The precise topics will be determined later.


The course will be given in the form of lectures and practicals. Every week there will be a two-hour lecture, and the remainder of the course time is set aside for working on assignments. The assignments must be handed in at specific times, and the grade for the course will be determined as the average of the grades for the assignments. Some or all of the assignments will have a programming component. The number of assignments is undetermined yet, but it will probably be three.

Gewenste voorkennis

A student who has knowledge of an advanced programming language but not Python (such as Perl, Pascal, C, C++, C#, or Java), is probably able to pick up Python quickly, and may enter the course if desired

Vereiste voorkennis

Students must either have completed OZV Data Processing: Development, or the Seminar Data Processing. A working knowledge of Python programming is required, up to but not including object-oriented programming in Python.